Elective Surgery Evaluation System

I was part of a team that undertook an exploratory project on behalf of ACT Health to develop a web based prototype for an extensible forms service. I was the project manager and UI lead for the project that delivered a system capable of procedurally generating interface for forms via a data driven approach. The project was successfully delivered to the client during a final board presentation in November 2014.


Starting February 2014 I lead a team of four to develop an online real-estate system named Online Property Ecosystem by Nelson within 13 weeks. The project focused on team members creating a package to support the overall system and then performing independent analysis, design, implementation, unit testing and refactoring on their package. The project was completed successfully and resulted in favourable feedback.

BBO by The B Team

In 2013 I managed a semester long project to develop an application for a bank named “Better Banking Online”. I lead a team of four to gather requirements, design and build the software in Visual Studio using a C# based web application. The final product included a user friendly web interface, automated services, database, data validation, user rights management and various other features.

Objective C

I’m looking at iOS development during my spare time and am working my way through a course offered by Stanford University on iTunes U. I intend to develop my own application and publish it to the App Store within the near future.

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